Industrial tools company Pioltello


A + B Industrial tools company


42’250 m³


2nd, 2021

Floor Area

4'750 m²



Investment Sum

€ 3.1 Mln.



Project Overview:

The Factory Revitalization Contest is a visionary initiative undertaken by an industrial tool company aimed at transforming the factory environment into a place that not only maximizes productivity but also promotes a healthier work-life balance. The primary goal is to create an inspiring and minimalist design that radiates positive energy, enabling employees to set and achieve their goals collaboratively, proactively, and efficiently in a team-oriented atmosphere.

The entire project is based on envisioning a factory environment where work-life balance, minimalist design, positive vibes, collaboration, proactive goal setting, and efficiency are central to daily operations. This innovative initiative not only fosters a more productive and motivated workforce but also emphasizes the well-being and personal growth of its employees, ultimately enhancing the factory’s overall performance and creating a thriving and harmonious workplace.