Multi-family houseBurg - Switzerland


Konsortium Waldeggstrasse


10’950 m³



Floor Area

3'650 m²



Investment Sum

CHF 12.5 Mln.


31-51, now in 31

Project Overview:

In the idyllic Swiss town of Burg, located in the Canton of Aargau, a visionary architectural project is beginning to take shape. Designed to embrace the values of sustainability, ecology, and community, this concept-stage development aims to introduce a fresh and innovative living experience to the charming community of Burg.
Sustainable and Ecological Principles:
This architectural project is firmly grounded in sustainability and ecological design. The use of concrete, combined with careful design choices, ensures that the building is not only structurally sound but also environmentally responsible. The emphasis on sustainability extends to energy-efficient systems and the incorporation of green practices to reduce the building’s ecological footprint.

Community Focus:
At its core, this project aims to foster a sense of community within Burg. It strives to create a space where residents can connect, engage, and enjoy shared amenities. The development includes:
12 Apartments: With a total area of 2,250 square meters, the project provides modern and comfortable living spaces for a diverse range of residents, contributing to the community’s vibrancy.
Underground Parking: Featuring space for 20 vehicles, the underground parking area ensures a car- free, pedestrian-friendly environment within the project. Children’s Areas: Numerous dedicated children’s areas, both inside and outside the project, offer safe and fun spaces for young residents to play and interact. Bicycle-Friendly: Promoting sustainable transportation, the project encourages the use of bicycles for local commuting, providing dedicated storage and pathways. Shared Facilities: Within the underground area, residents have access to a range of shared facilities, including a gym, a hobby room, and additional children’s play areas, enhancing the overall quality of life.