Multi-residential buildingHöri - Switzerland




5’690 m³



Floor Area

1'940 m²



Investment Sum

CHF 4.2 Mln.


31-51, now in 51

Project Overview:

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Höri, Canton Zurich, Switzerland, “Harmony Heights” stands as a beacon of progressive urban living. This remarkable residential project is dedicated to social housing, redefining communal living with expansive common spaces, lush gardening areas, and sprawling top-floor terraces, all thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate into the urban fabric of the region.
Community-Centric Living:
At the core of “Harmony Heights” is the spirit of community. Generous common spaces, meticulously designed for interaction and shared experiences, foster a sense of togetherness among residents. These spaces are envisioned as vibrant hubs where neighbors become friends, enriching the fabric of daily life.
Lush Gardening Areas:
“Harmony Heights” takes green living to the next level with abundant gardening spaces. Residents are invited to cultivate their own oasis, connecting with nature while contributing to a sustainable environment. These verdant corners offer serene retreats, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Top-Floor Terraces:
A standout feature of this project is the expansive top-floor terraces. Residents can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Höri and the surrounding area. These terraces provide ample room for gatherings, recreation, and enjoying the fresh air, turning every day into an elevated experience.
Seamless Urban Integration:
“Harmony Heights” is more than just housing; it’s a blueprint for sustainable urban development. The project is designed to harmonize with the existing urban context, setting a high standard for future endeavors in the region. Its architectural aesthetic complements the surroundings while creating a distinctive identity that adds to the local charm.
In conclusion, “Harmony Heights” in Höri, Canton Zurich, Switzerland, is a visionary social housing project that harmonizes community living with urban integration and sustainability. With its generous common spaces, lush gardens, and top-floor terraces, it sets a new standard for progressive residential developments, serving as a shining example for the future of housing in the region.