Hotel - SPA




15’100 m³



Floor Area

4’340 m²



Investment Sum

$ 19.5 Mln.


Concept/Schematic Design

Project Overview:

Situated in the heart of Sydney, this boutique hotel and SPA project represents an innovative approach to hospitality, showcasing a structural wood building design that harmonizes with the natural beauty of the surroundings. The project boasts four floors, hosting a total of 40 luxurious rooms, each offering a high standard of quality and services, earning it a distinguished 5-star rating.
The project is divided into two distinct blocks. The first block encompasses the ground floor, housing the common areas and the serene SPA, making it the focal point for relaxation and wellness. The second block, featuring the rooms, is designed with a more private and exclusive atmosphere, ensuring guests enjoy the utmost tranquility during their stay.

Key Features:
Structural Wood Design: The project embraces the use of structural wood, not only for its sustainability but also for its aesthetic appeal. This choice not only aligns with the principles of the green economy but also enhances the connection with nature.
40 Luxurious Rooms: The boutique hotel offers a selection of 40 rooms, each meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of quality, providing guests with a truly exceptional experience.
5-Star Hotel: The project’s commitment to excellence ensures a 5-star rating, promising guests the finest service and comfort throughout their stay.
Restaurant and Recreational Area: Along with luxurious accommodations, the hotel features a top-tier restaurant, offering gourmet cuisine and an inviting recreational area for guests to unwind.
Biophilic Design: At the core of the project is a dedication to biophilic design, integrating natural elements, green spaces, and sustainable features to enhance the overall well-being of guests and harmonize the built environment with nature.
The boutique hotel and SPA in Sydney represents a groundbreaking development that combines luxury and sustainability. It seeks to provide an exceptional guest experience within a structure that champions the green economy and biophilic design. This project stands as a testament to the idea that luxury and ecological responsibility can coexist harmoniously.