Residential, Luxury living, Palma de Mallorca


SOV Real Estate


9’290 m³



Floor Area

2'514 m²


Architecture/Interior Design

Investment Sum

€ 5.1 Mln.


Concept Design-Realisation

Project Overview:

Nestled in the prestigious Son Gual district of Palma de Mallorca, “Villa GD” stands as a testament to luxury and sophistication. This remarkable estate boasts a grandeur that sets it apart, offering a truly opulent living experience. Spread across nearly 1’450 square meters, the villa is a testament to architectural excellence, consisting of three above-ground floors and one underground level.
Underground floor
The underground level of “Villa GD” is a haven for automobile enthusiasts and wellness aficionados alike. It features a spacious parking area designed to accommodate luxury cars, electric vehicles, bikes, and motorcycles, ensuring that every mode of transportation finds its place. A state-of-the-art luxury gym area provides residents with the perfect space to maintain their physical well-being. For wine connoisseurs, a private walk-in cellar showcases a prestigious collection of fine wines.
The villa
The first floor of the villa opens up to an expansive, open-concept living space that seamlessly blends different types of living areas. Whether you seek a quiet retreat for reading or intimate gatherings with friends and family, this floor offers it all. A private office and a well-appointed library cater to those who appreciate moments of solitude and intellectual pursuits. A generously sized guest room ensures the comfort of visitors, while an entire dedicated area for children features a playground and a cinema room, fostering creativity and entertainment. The indoor swimming pool area includes a sauna and Turkish bath, providing a luxurious retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

As you ascend the villa, the other two floors offer a more private setting. A massive open-space kitchen, spacious living areas, and expansive terraces offer panoramic views of Palma de Mallorca and its stunning seafront. The uppermost floor houses all the night features, comprising four exquisitely designed bedrooms and a magnificent master bedroom. Each room boasts breathtaking views, ensuring that you wake up to a picturesque panorama of the city and the sea every morning.
Outdoor amenities
“Villa GD” embraces outdoor living as well, with extensive open spaces that include playgrounds and a spacious swimming pool and a sophisticated fountain system adds also an extra touch of elegance to the exterior. A guest house with a private entrance from the main street offers additional accommodations, perfect for hosting visitors or providing a private retreat for extended family members.
“Villa GD” is more than just a residence; it is a statement of unparalleled luxury, elegance, and contemporary design. With its thoughtful layout and attention to detail, this estate redefines the meaning of upscale living in Palma de Mallorca’s Son Gual district.